Soft baby bottle 150ml

Silicone / Pink

Comotomo Soft baby bottle Silicone / Pink 150 ml

The award-winning baby bottle from Comotomo is now available in Sweden! The bottle is a top seller in the USA and is used by many celebrities.

The soft baby bottle, made of silicone, is as close to the mother's own breast that a bottle can be. The included nipple is also made of silicone and is designed to resemble the mother's nipple. Both bottle and nipple are made to create a more natural feeling fo the bottle feeding child, to avoid "nipple confusion" when switching between the breast and the bottle. Thanks to the soft feel of the bottle, the child can easily squeeze the bottle while feeding.

The bottle has two anti-colic vents that also prevents leakage. Thanks to the bottle's few parts and wide opening, the bottle is easy to clean. The heat resistant silicon makes the bottle safe in boiling water, microwaves and dishwashers (top rack only). Free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates.

The bottle holds 150 ml and comes with a nipple that suits children aged 0-3 months (Slow Flow). Additional nipples in different sizes can be purchased separately here. There is also a larger bottle which holds 250 ml that can be purchased here


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    Materials: Silicone, free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates

    Care: Heat resistant - safe in boling water, microwaves and dishwashers (top rack only)

    Capacity: 150 ml

    One nipple with Slow Flow (0-3 months) included

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