Pram curtain

Do not disturb

Kurtis Pram curtain "Do not disturb"

A beautiful and practical pram curtain from Swedish brand Kurtis! The pram curtain can easily be fastened using the plastic rings on the top of the fabric and it fits all prams and strollers. You can also use the two included extra plastic rings to also attach the pram curtain to the handle bar of the pram to create an airy sun canopy. At the sides of the fabric, there are strings that can be tied to the sides of the pram on windy days.

The pram curtain is the perfect accessory when it's time for your little one to fall asleep, since it protects against bright light, wind, snow and blocks out any disturbing visual elements. The fabric is also perfect for sun protection as it blocks out an amazing 99% of UVA and UVB rays. The pram curtain is designed to hang loose and always have open gaps on the sides to ensure good air circulation.  Thanks to the easy-to-use attachment with rings, you can easily adjust how much coverage you need. This also makes it easy for you to check on your sleeping child at any time. When the fabric isn't attached to your pram, it could also be used as a nursing cover or a protective cover over the baby carrier.

NOTE! This product does not provide protection against heat. Never cover the pram completely - this is especially important at warm temperatures as the temperature will increase and the air circulation will decrease, which could harm your child.


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