Doll bed

Dusty Pink

Sebra Doll Bed Dusty Pink

The doll’s bed is based on the design of the Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr., the iconic baby and junior bed, originally named Juno, designed by Viggo Einfeldt in 1942-43.The Sebra doll’s bed measurements match those of the Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr., and the design is based on the classic rounded corners and the familiar gables with bars, giving this doll’s bed a very special and stylish look. The doll’s bed looks like the Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr. in the stage where the bed is not yet pulled out, but with the bar sides removed. The stage where the child is big enough to climb out of their own bed and onto the floor to play with the doll’s bed, dolls and stuffed animals.


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