Wallpaper Morängen

Blue / White

Sandberg Wallpaper Morängen

When Anna was young, she always played on the big meadow behind her childhood home, just like Hollie does today, and as Bianca will do in a few years. The meadow is called Morängen and the most beautiful flowers grow freely.

On this stunning wallpaper Morängen Sandberg have let some of the flowers from the popular Lo pattern grow bigger to create a magical feeling, taking you back to when you were young and walking around on a big meadow.

The wallpaper is included in the collection Kubel Kids, a small collection of five prints designed in collaboration with the photographer and stylist Anna Kubel. The collection tells the story about Anna and her two children Hollie and Bianca where the patterns take us through Annas childhood and Hollie and Bianca's life.


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