Edible decoration Glue


Edible decoration Glue 100g

The very first strong edible glue - which not only works well but also is really tasty!

The edible glue can be compared with melted sugar - it attaches directly and solidifies fast but with an important advantage, no heat needed. It has never been easier to decorate cakes and cupcakes. The strong glue makes it easy to attach both large and small decorations without problems. Just the imagination sets the limits!

Decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes or construct the gingerbread house. Use the premixed solution, or just add water and whip it up yourself to make it even tougher!


  • Detaljer

    Ingredients: Powderet sugar, dried glucose syrup, thickener (E416).

    Nutritional information(per 100g powder):
    Energy                                          1682kJ / 396kcal
    Fat                                                                       0g
    Of which saturates                                              0g
    Carbohydrates                                               99,0g
    Of which sugars                                             90,4g
    Protein                                                                0g
    Salt                                                                     0g

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