Baby Bed

Harlequin Grey

Cam Cam Baby Bed Harlequin Grey

Beautiful bed / crib for the little ones with a traditional Harlequin pattern. The bed has cool features, and looks as good as it is cozy.

The bed is easy to adapt after you needs - the mattress height is adjustable and can be set at 2 different heights, the side panel can be removed with 2 childproof push-buttons.
Transform the bed from a newborns crib to a toddler's bed!

The bed has been safety tested and approved. It meets all existing safety requirements common for Europe and Denmark - "DS/EN 716-1:2017".

Note: When ordering this item outside of Scandinavia, an additional freight cost will have to be calculated and added to your order. When this is the case, you will be contacted about the additional freight cost before it is added to your order, so that you can confirm the cost. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions


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