Rubber doll

VaniMeli Dear

VaniMeli Rubber Doll VaniMeli the Dear

The VaniMeli rubber dolls are as decorative as instructive and are also completely non-toxic. The dolls are made of 100% natural rubber and are hand-painted with edible color, free from both poison and lead. They are carefully developed to be both gentle and stimulating to all the senses of the child.

- The enticing bright colors help the child to distinguish colors and promote eye coordination.
- Developed and designed to reach all parts of the palate to massage and stimulate the entire mouth - perfect for children who grows teeth.
- The natural scent teaches the child to distinguish the smell of different objects.
- Different textures and shapes that help the child improve their motor skills. Easy to hold!

VaniMeli the Dear are loving and cherish the forest, nature and all animals around him. His favorite color is pink - the color of the sweet strawberries he loves to eat for breakfast




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