Oh Clouds

Mrs Mighetto Wallpaper Oh Clouds

..Nestled high up in the clouds is a hidden world you probably never even knew existed. Powder pink kites dance through the warm air, enchanted tunnels with continually changing architecture, rainbows spontaneously appearing to create lavish light shows. Unicorns with golden wings gallop unbridled between cloud and sky, and a fountain which scatters lime green scented flower buds. You'll find friends who can turn clouds into candy floss and fish who can sing as sweetly as the nightingale's song. What else do you think might be found up there in the clouds? Once upon a time, high up in the sky, there was a world in which everything was possible. Just like in real life. Everything is possible...

The wallpaper 'Oh Clouds!' is printed on non woven paper and is coated for both quality and practicality. The coating allows the wallpaper to be wiped over kept looking clean and lovely.


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    Roll Width: 52cm
    Roll Length: 10m
    Vertical Repeat: 76,2cm
    Pattern Match: Straight Match
    Stock Weight: 150GSM

    Produced in Europe by Jimmy Cricket for miniroom.se.


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