Tips for small party gifts

Here we have gathered our best tips on gifts to give the birthday child, for children of mixed ages.

♥ Tips for small party gifts
Giftbox Tritan Giftbox Tritan Design Letters ABC Nude  46 USD
Stacking car Wood Stacking car Wood Magni Fire Truck  34 USD
Ice Cream Cart Ice Cream Cart Tender Leaf Toys Wood  69 USD
Emergency Vehicles 3-pack Emergency Vehicles 3-pack Le Toy Van Wood  15 USD
Face Paint Face Paint Djeco Metallic  11 USD
Glitter Gel Pens 6-pack Glitter Gel Pens 6-pack Djeco Multi  9 USD
Bunnyhopper Bunnyhopper Övrigt Pink  40 USD
Headband Headband Talking Tables Unicorn  11 USD
Giftbox Tritan Giftbox Tritan Design Letters ABC Green  46 USD
Mouse Mouse Maileg Hiking Mouse / Girl  36 USD
Headband Romy Bow Headband Romy Bow Numero 74 Gold  15 USD
Play Set Play Set Tender Leaf Toys Space Station  80 USD
Popsicles Popsicles Kids Concept 6 pcs  23 USD
Wooden Cars 3-pcs Wooden Cars 3-pcs Bloomingville Multi color  40 USD
Puzzle Puzzle JaBaDaBaDo Ice Cream  23 USD
Doctor's Case Doctor's Case JaBaDaBaDo Blue / 9 Pieces  27 USD
Ice Cream Plate Ice Cream Plate JaBaDaBaDo 4 Ice Creams  29 USD
Wooden Toy Wooden Toy Janod Firemen Maxi  46 USD
Wooden Toy Wooden Toy Janod Firemen Mini  19 USD
Wooden Toy Wooden Toy Janod Firetruck  57 USD
Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers Kids Concept Edvin  23 USD
Storage Box Storage Box Bloomingville Grey  21 USD
Squirrel Squirrel Övrigt with earmuffs 18 cm  27 USD
Elfy Elefant Elfy Elefant Övrigt Grey 35 cm  46 USD
Kitten Kitten Övrigt Pink 25 cm  41 USD
The Book The Book Mrs.Mighetto Ensam i bokstävernas land (SWE)  26 USD
Small Gift Small Gift Djeco Country Creatures  15 USD
Memory Memory Petit Monkey Jungle Animals  15 USD
Game Hammer Artist Game Hammer Artist Design Letters Ice Cream  34 USD
Thinking Putty 90g Thinking Putty 90g Crazy Aarons Mystifying Mermaid  21 USD
Thinking Putty 90g Thinking Putty 90g Crazy Aarons Enchanting Unicorn  21 USD
Unicorn Unicorn Övrigt Pink / Gold  26 USD
Unicorn Unicorn Övrigt Silver  38 USD
Headband Romy Bow Headband Romy Bow Numero 74 Pale Peach  15 USD
Baby Set Baby Set Liewood Grey Melange  92 USD
Staple Game Staple Game Le Toy Van Forest Animals  23 USD
Stickers Stickers Djeco The Party  11 USD
Stickers Stickers Djeco Baby Animals  6 USD
SUV Car SUV Car Kids Concept Aiden  15 USD
Garage Garage Kids Concept Aiden  57 USD
Service Center Service Center Kids Concept Aiden  69 USD
Game 4 in a Row Game 4 in a Row Kids Concept Multi  23 USD
Fika Sweets Fika Sweets Kids Concept Toy food  17 USD
Hairband Romy Bow Hairband Romy Bow Numero 74 Ice Blue  15 USD
Headband Romy Bow Headband Romy Bow Numero 74 Dusty Pink  15 USD
Soother Star Soother Star Numero 74 Dusty Pink  23 USD
Monkeyhopper Monkeyhopper Övrigt Apa  40 USD
Cash Register Cash Register JaBaDaBaDo White / Pastel  27 USD
Princesses' Cakes Princesses' Cakes Djeco Toy Food  26 USD
Game Game Djeco Domino  26 USD
Wooden tool set Wooden tool set Sebra 6 delar  30 USD
Star Toaster Star Toaster Kids Concept White/wood  40 USD
Three in a row Three in a row Bloomingville Svart/vit  21 USD
Watercolors Watercolors Vilac Neon  15 USD
Car Transport Car Transport JaBaDaBaDo With Cars  29 USD
Magnet Board Magnet Board JaBaDaBaDo ABC  34 USD
Puzzle 16 pcs Puzzle 16 pcs Djeco Ice Cream truck  22 USD
Game Game Djeco Little Action  27 USD
Stickers Stickers Djeco Dinosaurs  4 USD
Stencil Stencil Djeco Kawailand  10 USD
Wooden Puzzle Wooden Puzzle Sebra Dino  31 USD
Crochet pull-along toy Crochet pull-along toy Sebra Dinosaur  53 USD
Nail Polish Nail Polish Play for Life Splash Lagoon  11 USD
Mouse Mini Mouse Mini Maileg Guardian Hero  24 USD
Tattoos Tattoos Djeco Unicorns  7 USD
Tattoos Tattoos Djeco Watches  7 USD
Rocking Scooter Rocking Scooter Kids Concept Grey  92 USD
Jewelry Box Jewelry Box rice Unicorn  11 USD
Mini Light Mini Light A Little Lovely Company T-rex  15 USD
Box with lock Box with lock Bloomingville White  15 USD
Chess Animals Chess Animals Vilac Ingela P. Arrhenius  45 USD
Woodland Ludo Game Woodland Ludo Game Kids Concept Edvin  21 USD
Mix & match Mix & match Petit Monkey Animals  11 USD
Stacking Blocks Stacking Blocks Vilac Ingela P. Arrhenius  26 USD
Toy Computer Toy Computer Bloomingville Slate  46 USD
Toothbrush Toothbrush Övrigt Flashing  6 USD
Soother Soother Little Horse  22 USD
Little Horse Little Horse Mint  40 USD
Wooden Cars 2 Pcs Wooden Cars 2 Pcs Bloomingville Blue/Grey/Mint  6 USD
Magnets Magnets Vilac Dinosaurs  22 USD
Ice Lollies Ice Lollies Le Toy Van Honeybake  22 USD
Metal Car Metal Car Vilac Orginal  137 USD

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