Paper, lace and everything you might need to make the prettiest gifts.

Card Card BLAFRE 3 year  4 USD
Gift paper Gift paper Sass & Belle Swan  7 USD
Gift Tags 10pcs Gift Tags 10pcs Mrs.Mighetto Flowers & Tivoli  9 USD
Gift wrap Gift wrap Maileg Happy Day  11 USD
Giftwrap Giftwrap Maileg Cosy Christmas  11 USD
Giftwrap Giftwrap Maileg Merle  11 USD
Giftwrap Giftwrap Maileg Mice Party  11 USD
Happy Day-set Happy Day-set Maileg Maileg Accessories  22 USD
Mini Magic wand Mini Magic wand Numero 74 Glitter / Silver  2 USD
Tape 2-pack Tape 2-pack Bloomingville Mustache  13 USD 6 USD -50%
Tape 4-pack Tape 4-pack Bloomingville Pastel  13 USD
Wrapping Paper Wrapping Paper Woodland Animals Circus  7 USD

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