Bobo Choses

Once upon a time there was a clothing brand that spoke the language of children…
Fun, colorful, creative and comfortable clothes for all kids! Spanish BoBo Choses love creating fun clothing in comfortable shapes for kids to play in and at the same time caring for the world and everything that is part of it.

BoBo Choses
Beanie Beanie Bobo Choses Geometric  41 USD 12 USD -70%
Tights Tights Bobo Choses Yes No  33 USD 10 USD -70%
Dress Dress Bobo Choses The Happy Sad  69 USD 21 USD -70%
Dress ribbed Dress ribbed Bobo Choses Bird  69 USD 21 USD -70%
Long Sleeve T-shirt Long Sleeve T-shirt Bobo Choses Bitter Swee  40 USD 12 USD -70%

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