When wearing Wheat, children embody the relaxed Scandinavian lifestyle of quality and comfort!
Wheat was founded in 2002 in Denmark with focus on the children and the understandning of the special demands of children's wear. Each garment is therefore tailored for a child’s wear and tear. 
With clean lines, light color combinations and original patterns Wheat carries on the Scandinavian design tradition.

Bow Tie Bow Tie WHEAT Bering Sea  15 USD
Drybib Drybib WHEAT Navy  11 USD 7 USD -40%
Trousers Trousers WHEAT Blue Floral  46 USD 18 USD -60%
Dress Vilna Dress Vilna WHEAT Blue Floral  49 USD 15 USD -70%
Swimsuit Diddi Swimsuit Diddi WHEAT Midnight Blue  34 USD 17 USD -50%

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