VaniMeli, a deer that lives in the Nordic Birch forest, represents a Swedish boy and the zebra AstoLuina represents an immigrant girl. Their differences become the basis for an unconditional friendship. By playing together they learn something new every day!

Cardigan Cardigan VaniMeli Lotus  46 USD 23 USD -50%
Dollhouse Dollhouse VaniMeli White / Grey  149 USD 104 USD -30%
Dress Dress VaniMeli Enchanting Woods  34 USD 17 USD -50%
Leggings 3/4 Leggings 3/4 VaniMeli Enchanting Woods  27 USD 16 USD -40%
Poster 50x70 Poster 50x70 VaniMeli VaniMeli Dear  29 USD 17 USD -40%
Poster Frame Poster Frame VaniMeli Magnet 40cm  15 USD
Poster Frame Poster Frame VaniMeli Magnet 50cm  17 USD
Rubber doll Rubber doll VaniMeli AstoLuina Zebra  29 USD 20 USD -30%

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